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Corona Virus And Real Estate in Oregon

Given concerns about the COVID-19 or Corona virus, many Oregon home buyers and home sellers are concerned about how it may affect their next real estate transaction. Related questions include "Will I be able to … [Read More...]

Helping Friends And Family Downsize

Those fortunate to live near parents, friends or family members are often faced with a dilemma. That question is 'At what point should I help Mom, Dad or Uncle Joe move into housing that's more appropriate?' The … [Read More...]

Real Estate Soft Landing or Crash?

Real estate isn't always predictable. Given changing conditions, language used to describe housing is rife with lingo from other industries that experience constantly shifting events—some catastrophic—like … [Read More...]

Is My House Haunted?

This popular true podcast episode illustrates the far-reaching impact of what Realtors call 'stigmatized property,' sometimes known as a 'haunted house:' While at work one day, I received a phone call, then … [Read More...]