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Add Oregon Homes to Endangered List

While we're not quite at Passenger Pigeon or Dodo Bird levels yet, among the more scarce items in Oregon right now are available homes for sale.Scarcity By The NumbersNew figures for greater Portland and … [Read More...]

Real Estate Secret Revealed

For many, the sale of a home is somewhat of a mystery. What exactly is it that Realtors do to sell properties, sometimes in the dark of night? The 'Secret'The answer is that Realtors do a lot of things, though … [Read More...]

Oregon Housing: Holding Steady

Fresh figures were just released on Oregon's real estate market by the Regional Multiple Listing Service, or RMLS. To put the results in a nautical vernacular, we remain 'steady as she goes.' Portland MetroLet's … [Read More...]

Portland Homes: Fade To Red

New figures from the Regional Multiple Listing Service suggest our current hot real estate market recently transitioned from white to red.  No, that's not wine we're talking about. Instead, we've gone from white … [Read More...]